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Innovation and Digital Transformation in the Real World

Executive Boardroom - 3:35 pm - 4:00 pm

Digital Transformation, Legacy Modernization, and Innovation are all attempts at overcoming a similar challenge - how do organizations leverage technology to capture business value, but prevent technology from becoming a hindrance? Many organizations fail to grasp the challenges associated with driving true change in order to deliver such business value. 

Levvel, an information technology consultancy, works with enterprise and startup clients across industries to enable digital transformation in the real world. Contrary to popular opinion, the most common challenges seen are related to culture, communication, and lack of investment. Over the course of the last five years, Levvel has helped clients overcome these challenges and drive real change within their organizations. 

In this talk, Levvel will guide the audience through real-world digital transformation examples and provide actionable steps to guide your business through its own journey. 


  1. Digital transformation does not need to be a buzz word - there are companies that are doing this successfully with real-world constraints. 
  2. Levvel will guide the audience through real-world digital transformation and innovation examples to provide actionable steps for organizations.

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