CIO Charlotte Summit | September 12, 2019 | Charlotte, NC, USA



Blockchain and 2018 Trends

Think Tank - 3:40 pm - 4:05 pm

Blockchain is an exciting new technology that is slowly proving to be a radical innovation since Internet that triggered previous industrial revolutions. Blockchain technology features like disintermediation, improved transparency, and increase auditability can significantly reduce transaction costs, introduce efficiency into existing value chains, challenge revenue models, and open new markets. It's potential to disrupt existing economic and business models through productivity gains to multiple industries has been very promising. while there are merits, like any new technology, Blockchain is going through its maturity cycle and questions about its scalability, interoperability, security, transition costs, data privacy, and governance will need to be addressed before it achieves widespread adoption. 

During this session we will try to answer general question on Blockchain like do I need Blockchain based solution for my business; and discuss few use cases in Health Care, Supply Chain, Financial Services and Retail industries.

Presented by:

Ravindra Bandaru, Director - Enterprise Governance, Compliance & Credit Risk Analytics, Bank of America View details